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Cañon Tapia

Location: New Mexico

Cañon Tapia is located in the Rio Puerco area west of Albuquerque. The area contains volcanic plugs (Cabezon Peak), high mesas, ghost towns and is a prime example of what happens when an ecologically sensitive area to start with is overgrazed and heavily exploited over the centuries. The Rio Puerco and its tributaries have eroded as much as 30-40 feet down in many places.

Cañon Tapia and the nearby Guadalupe Ruin are considered outliers of the Chacoan Culture. If you explore Cañon Tapia be advised of two things-it's a long, hot hike into the canyon and the rock art is not where you expect it. (Refer back to the above comment about overgrazing and erosion…look up!)

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