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Mesa Preita

Location: New Mexico

This location runs along the west bank of the Rio Grande river from Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo (formerly known as San Juan Pueblo) north to around the Velarde area. It is said there is over 6000 images in this area. 

Interested in visiting this rock art area? Consider the following information I received from Mr. Gary Hein of the Rock Art Council of the Archaeological Society of New Mexico. 

He says, "All the rock art on Mesa Prieta that is visible from the road is private land. Too often folks get out of their cars and on onto (sic) the private land. One panel leads to another and they have to be escorted off the private land." 

Please do not trespass on private property to view these images. If you can't see them from the road don't fall into the scenario Mr. Hein outlines above.

All images, ©2018; Gary Cascio. Another Late Nite Production.